Looking for Hotel Rooms or Accommodations in Annapolis?

Are you planning your stay in Annapolis, Maryland and are looking for the perfect rooms or accommodations?

Our luxuriously appointed rooms at the Academy Bed and Breakfast boast some of the most gorgeous views of downtown Annapolis, the United States Naval Academy and City Dock. Whether you seek a spacious room with contemporary elements or prefer a room with French vintage dacor, the Academy Bed and Breakfast has the perfect room for you! All of our rooms are spacious and feature beautiful bath suites with walk-in showers, oversized soaking tubs and more. We offer wi-fi access both in-room and throughout the property so you and your guests are digitally connected. Our rooms also feature plenty of natural light, expansive closet space and unique views of downtown Annapolis and popular attractions. Our central location allows you to walk to the heart of downtown Annapolis just moments after leaving your room.

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